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  What Is "FLIP, BANK, LIVE" About?
Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or an aspiring one, "FLIP, BANK, LIVE" is a book that you absolutely cannot be without. This book has all the answers you need to successfully find, fund, and flip homes for profit in today's changing market. It delivers immediate advice on thorny issues and pitfalls that would otherwise cost you years (and countless dollars) to learn. From fundamental start-up questions to advanced funding tactics, "FLIP, BANK, LIVE" gives you the edge you need to flourish in real estate investing.
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 About The Authors...
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Mike Baird

Mike is an international real estate and design educator. He has personally bought and sold over 1,500 homes, totaling over $500 million in real estate sales over 14 years. He also owns a large pool of long-term investment properties. He has mentored, motivated and coached thousands of people to create lasting wealth using real estate. Mike is an international reality star and creator of "Flip Men" which aired nationally and internationally on A&E , Spike, Infinito, and Discovery Networks, and where his nickname "Flip Man Mike" was born.

A native of Los Angeles, Mike attended Brigham Young University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree from the Marriott School of Management in 2002. Mike is a father of 6, speaks Spanish fluently and enjoys serving in his local community. He has been written about in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Huffington Post. Mike also contributes regularly to Yahoo Real Estate, AOL, RealtyTrac and Inman News.
Greg Herlean

Greg has spent the last 12 years focused on growth opportunities and wealth accumulation through real estate. He has managed over $1 billion in real estate transactions, earning him the nickname of "Mr. Bank". He has flipped 450 homes and 2,000 apartment units. He has also purchased and sold 9 hotels. When he founded Horizon Trust, a New Mexico based custodial company, Greg took his mission of educating Americans on the power of self directed accounts to new heights. His in-depth knowledge of the SDIRA industry market dynamics are frequently leveraged.

Greg is also a much sought-after platform speaker on the topics of capital development, investment growth through use of self-directed IRA vehicles, and estate planning. This University of Phoenix graduate (B.S. Business Administration) is an active member of the Las Vegas community, where he currently resides. Greg is devoted family man, who relishes the opportunity to enjoy his life with his wife, Kristy, and their 4 beautiful children.
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Here's What You'll Learn From "FLIP, BANK, LIVE":
  The "FLIP, BANK, LIVE" Philosophy. From the very beginning, Mike and Greg share their thoughts behind the creation of "FLIP, BANK, LIVE" and what it means to them. Above all, the goal behind this philosophy is to ensure every new investor has a strategy or a plan and continues to work with the end goal in mind: to live well.
  Starting Your Real Estate Business. How much time do you need to spend each week on your business? What resources do you need to get started? Mike and Greg share their best advice for budding investors and their businesses.
  Finding A Deal. One of the most common problems for new investors is creating deal flow. Master your market and create a system that sends you new deals every single day, without having to hunt on the MLS or at auctions.
  Funding Deals. Along with finding deals, funding is another issue deterring new investors from massive profits. Discover how to build a network of dependable lenders, and how to become the bank and generate passive income through funding other investors.
  Selling Your Property. The longer your property is listed, the less money you will make. Learn the simple selling steps to guarantee top dollar for your property and never have a home on the market for more than it's worth.
  Real Estate Marketing. When is it too early to market your property? How much should you spend on marketing your home? The key to maximizing real estate investing profits and quick turn over from listed to sold lies in mastering real estate marketing.
  Breakdown Of Common Investing Terms. What does PUD stand for? What is a 1031 Exchange? Or a Trust Deed? And what does it really mean to "wholesale" real estate? These and other terms are explained and applied to you and your business.
  And So Much More... Reveal the power behind real estate investing and infinite banking. Discover rehab hacks, team building strategies, and the truth behind the "Multiple Listing Sickness". Build your business, build your wealth, and live your dreams with expert advice from "FLIP, BANK, LIVE".
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